Jessica & Josh's Engagement Session!

Where do I even begin with Jessie and Josh. For starters, we call them The J's. Our consultation was full of laughter and talks about where to get the best chocolate milk shakes. I knew right away that we had a connection and this was a couple that is a perfect match.

It was to no surprise that I had just as much fun at their engagement session as I did their consultation. These two rocked it. They danced, chatted, and laughed as if I wasn't even there. Complete naturals and in their own little world. Here is their story. 

Josh and Jessie both grew up on the Kishwaukee River in Garden Prairie. They met as adults and started a life together built on their love. Josh was in the Air Force, stationed in Charleston, SC while Jessie was in Rockford working full-time. Jessie made the move to Charleston where they lived together for 3 years before moving back to Illinois in September of 2017. In March of 2018, Josh proposed to Jessie while the two were visiting their old stomping grounds in Charleston. Now their love and excitement continues to grow as they plan and look forward to their wedding in 2019, which I am also excited to capture.

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session because I can't share them all! Enjoy!!