Tiana & Josh's Rock Cut Engagement Session!

This engagement session was extra special to photograph because the man you see in the pictures is my brother and I couldn't be more honored to capture the engagement pictures of him and the love of his life, Tiana. You can really see the chemistry these two have. It's like they are right out of the love story but with a little bit of fun. You'll see a Titanic pose in the mix of all these romantic pictures that really highlights their playfulness. 

Josh and Tiana have been together since August 23rd of 2012. They only met a month earlier and were sold on each other already!

Tiana loves how honest Josh is. "He doesn't sugar-coat things. If I ask his opinion on something, he's going to tell me the truth. It's refreshing." Oddly enough, she also likes how stubborn he can be. "If he feels a certain way, he generally doesn't budge and that can be a good thing sometimes."

Josh loves how kind Tiana is. "She's always thinking of other people before herself." The fact that she is beautiful is just a bonus.

These two do a lot of nothing together, but like it that way. Movies and TV are their thing, but not their main thing. What is their main thing, you ask? FOOD! They love food! On the other hand, they are very active and like to include the kids in their activities, such as hiking, biking, and going to parks.

Josh and Tiana are planning their wedding for next year. I'm beyond thrilled to attend and photograph this gorgeous couple! Congratulations you two!