Jon & Toni's Engagement Session

Jon and Toni's engagement session sure was a cold one, but I think these pictures made it worth every second. While I had my warm coat, they had each other. I can tell by the way these two look at one other, that they hold each other close in their hearts. Keeping warm is just a bonus!  

Grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa, sit back on the couch with your blanket, and read their beautiful love story.

Jon and Toni met at their locally owned grocery store back in 2007. Jon was working there at the time and would make small talk with Toni whenever she made a trip to the store. She gradually increased her visits and I'm sure you all know why. "Oops, I forgot milk, need to go to the store!" Eventually their communication went outside of the grocery store. They began dating April 1st, 2009. And no, this wasn't a prank. ;)

On Toni's 29th birthday, October 30th of 2011, Jon got down on one knee in their home and proposed. Toni was pregnant with their first child at this time. She also has 2 older boys who she says act a lot like Jon.

The two laugh, learn, and love one another deeply. Toni says "We have each other today, tomorrow, until the end of our time! We will grow old together and watch our four children grow up and find a love as great or possibly greater than ours! I don't believe in fairy tales, but I do believe in happily ever after. We are each others soul mates, best friends, and true loves!"

On September 3rd, these two are getting married and I am beyond excited to capture their wedding day.

They love being outdoors, going for walks, climbing trees, playing hide and seek with the kids and dog, swimming, watching movies, listening to music, and reading! 

Their story is adorable and so are their engagement pictures. Enjoy!