Jessica & Josh's Engagement Session!

Where do I even begin with Jessie and Josh. For starters, we call them The J's. Our consultation was full of laughter and talks about where to get the best chocolate milk shakes. I knew right away that we had a connection and this was a couple that is a perfect match.

It was to no surprise that I had just as much fun at their engagement session as I did their consultation. These two rocked it. They danced, chatted, and laughed as if I wasn't even there. Complete naturals and in their own little world. Here is their story. 

Josh and Jessie both grew up on the Kishwaukee River in Garden Prairie. They met as adults and started a life together built on their love. Josh was in the Air Force, stationed in Charleston, SC while Jessie was in Rockford working full-time. Jessie made the move to Charleston where they lived together for 3 years before moving back to Illinois in September of 2017. In March of 2018, Josh proposed to Jessie while the two were visiting their old stomping grounds in Charleston. Now their love and excitement continues to grow as they plan and look forward to their wedding in 2019, which I am also excited to capture.

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session because I can't share them all! Enjoy!! 

Harrison's First Birthday & Family Session

Oh my gosh! This family & 1st birthday session is seriously the CUTEST ever. Seriously. EVER!

But really, I love capturing such special moments in people's lives, and there is so much that is special about this session. Keep reading, you'll see! It's even more meaningful when I get to do this for friends and family.

Danielle and Robb are the mother and father to the adorable boy you see in these pictures, Harrison. These two were introduced by Danielle's late friend back in 2010 and hit it off immediately. After patiently waiting about 2-1/2 years, Robb asked her to marry him. After getting married in fall of 2013, they decided they wanted to build a family together right away and started trying for a baby. In July of 2014, Danielle became pregnant, but after 9 weeks, had a miscarriage. It was such a horrible heartache. They continued to try and try and eventually she had to meet with an OB in 2016 to discuss what could be done. She began with ovulation tests for a few months and then had to setup an appointment to start on ovulation medication in June. As any family might get at this point, they were discouraged and had pretty much given up hope of becoming pregnant.

In May, she had this feeling and decided to take a test. That feeling was right, a positive test, she was PREGNANT! In January of 2017, these two welcomed their beautiful rainbow baby, Harrison James Bach.  

In the later half of last year, they wanted to try for another baby, not knowing how long it would take to conceive again. Well, after a few months, they discovered baby number 2 is on the way! 

I'm so extremely excited for my good friend, Danielle, and everything the future has in store for their wonderful family!! Now enjoy these pictures celebrating their family, Harrison's first birthday (cake smash), and a picture hinting at the arrival of baby number 2!

Shannon & Steven's Rock Cut Engagement Session

I have a beautiful engagement to share with you on this wonderful Sunday! Shannon and Steven are so cute together, their smiles and laughs are contagious, and their love story is just that, a love story! 

Shannon and Steven met through their close friends who I also had the pleasure of photographing on their wedding day last year. These two have been together since June of 2013. Steven proposed on 12/30/2016 in the most adorable way ever. They were in St. Louis visiting friends and went to Forest Park to ice skate. In the middle of the ice rink, Steven asked Shannon to marry him and as you can see, she said YES! Amongst the wedding planning, both of them enjoy going to concerts and sporting events, and on top of all of that, they recently purchased their first home together! They have an adorable 7 month Shepard mix named Kali that they also welcomed to their family. She is definitely preparing them for future parenthood. 

I'm extremely excited to capture their wedding next September. Take a look at their engagement and share in the love and joy these two have for their future together. <3 



Alex & Dana's Rainbow Baby Maternity Session

Where do I even begin with these two? Alex and Dana are madly in love and have the biggest hearts. My relationship with these two started when they chose me to capture their engagement and wedding. Watching these two experience life's biggest moments together has been a wonderful adventure and it's what makes my job the dream job!

Alex told Dana that he had no desire to have kids, however, after getting married, that all changed. They both knew that they wanted to start a family. 

An unfortunate event occurred last December right before Christmas when they suffered a miscarriage with their first pregnancy. Having experienced this myself, I know it is a very difficult and emotional time. 

A blessing happened 3 months later in March when Dana discovered she was expecting again. She is 33 weeks along with her rainbow baby. Her due date is November 22nd, 2017. They've chosen the name Keegan Ronald Rauchmiller for their little bundle of joy.

I can't wait to see him! These two have been amazing parents to their fur babies and I know they will be spectacular parents to Keegan.  




Chrissy & Ken's Happily Ever After Wedding

Where do I even begin!? This wedding was just stunning!!! The colors, decorations, style, wedding gown, everything! It was even a beautiful day outside.

Chrissy and Ken had a smile on their face the entire day and night. There was so much joy, love, and laughter. They certainly had a unique taste, which I love! I mean, a rice crispy cake, that's just awesome! They also had a bonfire and a school bus to drive them and their squad around town and from the church to their reception venue, Happily Ever After Barn.

Family and friends celebrated into the night and they weren't afraid to get on the dance floor, that's for sure. They had an awesome DJ, Josh Fire'd Up Entertainment, who kept the party going.

We were honored to be apart of, celebrate, and photograph + capture video of their amazing wedding. We wish nothing but the best to this lovely couple! 


Katelyn & Aaron's Fox Valley Country Club Wedding

We had the pleasure of photographing and capturing video of Katelyn and Aaron's special day at Fox Valley Country Club in North Aurora, Illinois and it was absolutely stunning!

Many tears and laughs were shared throughout the day by family and friends.

Aaron and Katelyn met in November of 2009. What started as friends transformed into a relationship by the following year. Even though these two had to make long-distance work while Aaron was away at school, they immediately realized they are meant to be and this is the one person they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Fast forward after 5 years of living apart, these two still stayed madly in love and got engaged on September 18th of 2015. How the proposal happened, is just beautiful so I just have to share!

Katelyn spent the last 2 months in Utah for an internship. Aaron went there so he could make the drive back to Illinois with her. Before coming back to Illinois, they went for a hike to Lake Blance where he proposed at the top of a mountain!

They share so much love for each other, family, friends, and their furry pets that you'll see in some of their pictures.


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Sierra and Andrew's Engagement Session!

We've had a lot of nice weather lately, but it happened to by chilly and windy during Sierra and Andrew's engagement session. These two stayed nice and close to keep warm and looked adorable doing it!

Sierra and Andrew shared a little bit about their relationship and it might just melt your heart!

They've gone to school together since 1st grade. They've always had friends in common but didn't actually start chatting until their junior year in English class. Sierra sat next to her best friend and across the room from Andy. I mean, who wouldn't take the chance to sit next to their best friend in class? Although, we all know what happens when you do that. After getting in trouble for talking too much, she got seated next to Andrew. One day, she forgot her book in class and received a message on Facebook from him letting her know that he had her book. That's when their talking picked up and they became friends, which eventually led to a first date at six flags. The two began dating on June 9th, 2012.

About 4 years later, Sierra and Andrew went on a cruise together with some family. They made a stop at Honeymoon Beach in St. Martin where Andrew was sitting in the water with Sierra's dad and sister. He asked Sierra to come look at a shell he found and once she got to him, he got down on one knee in the water and proposed. What a beautiful scene to imagine!

Sierra and Andrew are keeping busy now with wedding planning and moving into the home Sierra grew up in with their two doggies, Brinn and Macy.  I am beyond thrilled to capture their wedding this October.

Congratulations Sierra and Andrew!

Tiana & Josh's Rock Cut Engagement Session!

This engagement session was extra special to photograph because the man you see in the pictures is my brother and I couldn't be more honored to capture the engagement pictures of him and the love of his life, Tiana. You can really see the chemistry these two have. It's like they are right out of the love story but with a little bit of fun. You'll see a Titanic pose in the mix of all these romantic pictures that really highlights their playfulness. 

Josh and Tiana have been together since August 23rd of 2012. They only met a month earlier and were sold on each other already!

Tiana loves how honest Josh is. "He doesn't sugar-coat things. If I ask his opinion on something, he's going to tell me the truth. It's refreshing." Oddly enough, she also likes how stubborn he can be. "If he feels a certain way, he generally doesn't budge and that can be a good thing sometimes."

Josh loves how kind Tiana is. "She's always thinking of other people before herself." The fact that she is beautiful is just a bonus.

These two do a lot of nothing together, but like it that way. Movies and TV are their thing, but not their main thing. What is their main thing, you ask? FOOD! They love food! On the other hand, they are very active and like to include the kids in their activities, such as hiking, biking, and going to parks.

Josh and Tiana are planning their wedding for next year. I'm beyond thrilled to attend and photograph this gorgeous couple! Congratulations you two!

Katie & Andrew's Engagement Session

I traveled 2 hours down to Iowa to capture these awesome pictures and meet the lovely couple, Katie and Andrew.

These two weren't going to let rain stop their engagement session from happening! If anything, the weather made for a gorgeous range of images. Sometimes the sun would sneak through the clouds and other times it would almost appear as if it was night. You'll have to see for yourself in the beautiful pictures below.

Katie and Andrew met working at Hyvee and have been together for nearly 4 years now.
We started at Figge Art Museum, so not only did we get to capture their engagement pictures in a unique setting, but we got to view the wonderful museum - double win!

There were beautiful views of the city and we took advantage of that from inside the museum, outside on the patio, and from inside the skywalk. Good thing they enjoy being outdoors and taking walks because we did lots of walking. 

These two really enjoy being together and spending time with family. Katie and Andrew are incredibly sweet, not only to each other but to others. Their joy and love show in all of their pictures. I'm extremely excited to capture their wedding this October. Until then, I hope you enjoy viewing their engagement pictures as much as I do.

Congratulations, Katie and Andrew!!!